Saturday, November 16, 2019

A Holiday At Italy!

Image result for italy food"If I was able to go anywhere in the world, I would love to go to Italy! I chose to go to Italy because it is such an amazing country that has amazing people, delicious food, wonderful art, and so much more. I mostly like to go here to eat food such; pizza, pasta, and gelato. I also want to explore this country and visit the landmarks, there are hundreds of destinations that you could go to when you are in Italy. There is the Milan Cathedral, Colleseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

When I am in Italy I would try out their gondola Rides, it is a traditional flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat that is similar to a canoe. The gondola is propelled by a gondolier who uses a rowing oar. I would really love to try this ride because it would be really relaxing because your not the one rowing the gondola. You can find this ride at Venice which is also an amazing destination to be at, and fun fact it is also where the spider-man movie was shot at. TeAnyways this is where I would have my holiday and I wish I could go here right now, but maybe I can go to this amazing country when I am older. Image result for gondola venice"


  1. Hey there Vann, nice blogpost, you really know a lot about Italy, Italy has heaps of delicious food. Next time check your grammars and punctuation and put more photos but overall it was a decent blogpost,

  2. Wow, This is a really good blog post! I like how you told us where you want to go and gave us heaps of reasons why. Its really cool how you added in some pictures to add more detail about what you would like to do! If you where to go to one place in Italy where would you go? Awesome blog post!

  3. Hello Vann,
    I like your blog post about where you want to go in the holidays. You really want to go to Italy cause there are a lot you can go. What food you want to eat in Italy?. I really like your blog post.

  4. Wow! This Is a really Nice Blog post! It Is Really Good Time Spending Time With You Good Job!!


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